Monday, June 25, 2007

things in the bathroom

johnson's baby lavender soap - to help you sleep
dove soap with gentle exfoliating
johnson's milk bath for gentle whitening
palmolive aromatherapy with rose scent when you feel a little kinky

johnson's shampoo with mild conditioners - no more tears
vaseline white shampoo - no more germs
palmolive natural shampoo - no more brittle hair
and pesky tangles

palmolive natural conditioner - to make wavy hair straight
sunsilk summer special conditioner -with UV protection
sunsilk conditioner - for damaged hair

colgate whitening, sensodyne, and oral b - most recommended

domex, lysol and apollo muriatic acid -most recommended again.
don't use fragrance cakes but oil burners with orange scented oil.

Friday, June 22, 2007

cheap luxuries

like steak served on the mall
so what if you have to fall
in line
and probably get 2nd degree
on their rusty hot plates
but the joy of the hot meat
in your mouth
after you cut its flesh
burnt on the outside
but oozing with
it juice inside.

like taking cabs
when you really don't need one
you just don't feel like
walking tonight.
and succumbing to the minor joys
of it's leather seat
hoping that the driver
is not listening
to some inane radio program
where insipid people
ask for advice
from talk show hosts
who are as stupid as they are.

like chocolate
nothing better than chocolate
you have your choice
from the darkest to the white
as you melt it in your tongue
and taste its residue
in your teeth.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

just slow

in a chance encounter
saw a boy i was after
quite a long time ago
really ages ago.

in a glance i have find
the one i wanted to be mine
ever after
i wished for ever after.

but now i realized
his dazzling smile
that captivated me
were really a little crooked.

and that his elbows
were actually a little jointed.

and his gait
which made me think
he was calculated
was really
just slow.

still faced madonna

still faced madonna
your mother,
the ideal
in your surreal
i cannot compare.

Girl in a long blue dress

girl in a long blue dress
riding on the train
standing gloriously in cotton
laughing insane.

mismatched are her coordinates
and her awfully worn shoe
but will someone care to tell her
she doesn't look good in blue.

Monday, June 4, 2007

TV line

The hardest part of moving forward
not looking back


movie line

Time Wounds All Heals...
marissa tomei's character in someone like you

Sunday, June 3, 2007

meteor garden commentaries

i rewatched meteor garden again to see whether i was completely dense for liking the Dao characted less and liking Lei more. But i guess, i'd remain one of those girls (the minority), who will always find taciturn and snobbish thrilling and enigmatic and not get attracted to a guy with bronze body and deep dimples.

smart up

maybe i like making mistakes
and wishing me death
and i like the throbbing inside my head
or maybe i like to excuse myself
for drinking too much tequila, instead
and starting smoking dope
at such a late rate
or maybe i just really like eating my cake
and loving people who are fake
and then getting distressed
as if my heart is being pulled from my chest.

or maybe i just don't really learn
i have an addiction on getting burned
or i like scratching my wounds
and see it bleed again, actually hurts
but makes me feel good
maybe i could be diagnosed as a masochist
or maybe i just like those who are sadist.
do i really have to smart up now
cause i'm supposed to be a grown up
but forgot somehow.

kung magmamahal ka ng iba

kung magmamahal ka ng iba
magagalit ako
ngunit maiintindihan kita
at ang puso mo'y palalayain
gayon naman pala'y hindi ka na sa akin
hahayaan na kita
kung may mahal ka ng iba.

ngunit kung iyong sasabihin
na wala lang siya sa iyo
hindi kita maiintindihan sinta
at ang iyong pagkatao ay huhusgahan ko na
titimbangin ang pag-ibig na sinasasabi mong akin
na kaya mong ipagpalit sa wala lang.