Thursday, August 23, 2007

Horror Helper

our maid is a major drama queen. every week she has another sob story. one after the other. it doesn't work on me though. i am not emphatic. actually i am extremely cynical.
but it does work on my mom. she has gone softer with age. i remember when she was younger, she wouldn't even lend her sister money for her niece's tuition. because as she said, it was my aunt's fault that she doesn't have money. she puts it this way "para kasing butiki, yumayakap sa dingding." somehow she make sense.
according to our maid her dad died yesterday. i don't know though. it's been the second death on her family since she has been with us. and she's been with us less that 2 months!
in between deaths, there were also unfortunate events a fight with a daughter in law, in which she unknowingly cursed the girl and her grandchild causing them not to be able to walk and having to go home to undo the curse then there was also her niece who she first said was a paragon of virtue with evil spawn for bosses that turns out to be the other way around.
Maybe she isn't really a drama queen after all. she is the spooky lady.
Her life is so morbid.

first entry....

bought a new notebook, here is my first entry.

- i am afraid of the blank sheet. tabula rasa phobia of some sort.
- for one thing i have a bad penmanship that ruin the cleanliness and prettiness of the page.
- i've read through my friends blogs on friendster. it's surprisinng to find who among them have depth.
- or maybe what i find as depth could only mean a lot of free time on their hands.
- or boring jobs with fast internet access.
- blogs are great. you can blab about anything nobody else really care about.
- i am writing all these inside the bus. obviously it isn't moving as you can see in my handwriting.
- the truth is i just bought this notebook and just want to know if the pen will glide on it.
- yes it does.
- i have given up on journals. am not the the type of person who can take responsibility in chronologically dissecting my everyday.