Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bad manicurist

bitchy murderess of my little toe
torturing me with her dented hoe
her unsharpened, unsanitized nipper
and her inability to use a fucking nail clipper

she drowned my foot in mertiolate(?)
now they are so red and bloody, i look like a flake
and then stained my toes with her bad paint job
she really cant apply polish cause she's such a slob.

i hope she doesn't expect me to tip
cause i'm still currently regretting this trip
i shouldn't have entered this nail salon
if i only knew the manicurist is a baboon.

murdering strangers

sometimes i don't wonder why some people murder strangers
why some people suddenly becomes killers
cause there's just so many stupid people out there
and inconsiderate assholes who simply don't care.

there are people who have offendingly bad taste
and those people who gets frenzy with craze
there are people who drown you with there stupidity
and people, for lact of a better word, who simply are crazy.

there are people who occupy bigger space
even if the bus is crowded and their ass is in your face
there are people who reeks of bad smelling perfume
and do not care if other people die of their fumes.

there are people who scream opinions in your head
when all you wish is that they would just shut up instead
there are people who don't know common courtesy
please, sorry, and excuse is simply not in their vocabulary.

so, i really can't blame them, if there are people
who suddenly kills strangers as they become mental
cause sometimes i feel i'm hanging by a thread
and if worse comes to worst, i might shoot someone dead.