Wednesday, April 18, 2007

sad maria

sad maria on wednesday

like novena where you lay

glorious, glorious motherfucking glorious

finding someone else's bed stains.

glorious mad man of my world

spilling wit on my papercup

sorrowful, sorrowful how can you be

as dreams are crashing towards me.

the mystery of evil so divine

and gods turns water into wine

proverbs and psalms hear thy plea

all that's left are lies you are selling me.

Oh joy oh joy of marvelous glory

winding my clock to your convenience

pleading for your attention and wishing for patience

heaven is your love and hell is my existence

Friday, April 13, 2007

ignorance is bliss...

maybe ignorance is really bliss. and stupid people don't really know they are, pretty stupid. and how can they know anyway, when, duh, they are stupid, how can they have a capacity to measure their stupidity? but what irks me the most is those stupid people who really think they are smart... not even just smart... they think they are f@#$-ing brilliant!!! that is just shit. and they dont get it. they don't even get it when you tell it to them straightfaced that "duh". they are so wrapped up thinking that they are einstein or something that they miss all the signs and even the verbal commentaries that you are sending their way.

before you berate me and say, who the hell am i anyway to judge the intellect of another person, i want to tell you right now i know that i'm no genius or rocket scientist. i just know i'm not stupid. and if there are things i don't really know, i'm no ass to pretend that i do and i don't have the inclination to profess that i am.

What is really bothersome is that stupid people tends to have too much guts! maybe that's why they survive in the earth. Some of them will defend their unreasonable ideas (of grandeur) and most of the time in grammatically incorrect and incoherent sentences. and they will fight tooth and nail for it, mind you. and if ever you are the misfortunate person on the other side of the conversation, you are left with two options: 1. resign to the idea that you are talking to a stupid person and it is a waste to try to show reason to a person incapable of reasoning and just take what the person is saying with a grain of salt, or 2. punch the person on the face. now, the problem with this though, with option one, with you taking it with a grain of salt, the stupid person might think your silence means agreement. it is detrimental to society to do so, because the stupid person thinking that he is right would then inflict his sacrilege of ideas to a bigger audience and society as we know it, civilized and all, will end. if you do option two though, well, you, the saner one would be deemed by the stupid person as the one who is not really reasonable.

so there is only one solution then, do not talk to them. ignore them. make ways not to be with them. recommend their extermination when a new fuhrer comes.