Friday, June 22, 2007

cheap luxuries

like steak served on the mall
so what if you have to fall
in line
and probably get 2nd degree
on their rusty hot plates
but the joy of the hot meat
in your mouth
after you cut its flesh
burnt on the outside
but oozing with
it juice inside.

like taking cabs
when you really don't need one
you just don't feel like
walking tonight.
and succumbing to the minor joys
of it's leather seat
hoping that the driver
is not listening
to some inane radio program
where insipid people
ask for advice
from talk show hosts
who are as stupid as they are.

like chocolate
nothing better than chocolate
you have your choice
from the darkest to the white
as you melt it in your tongue
and taste its residue
in your teeth.