Friday, July 27, 2007

my little tabula rasa

little tabula rasa
baby in my belly
can you really hear me?
what do you think
in there
how's life in there

my little tabula rasa
baby in my belly
do you ever worry
what do you in there
how is life in there?

a bus life

bus rides alone
with just my thoughts
in the middle
of anonymous faces,
parade of cars
and billboards
passing through my window.

This is my life.

hours and hours
sitting with strangers
with strange smells,
engaging with idle
with senior citizens
like donkey
"are we there yet?"

this is my life.

sitting still
as the bus
bounces from city to city
to the great suburbs
of my destiny
and young lover's
kissing in front of me
and i chagrin
on their stupidity
not knowing
they'd probably
be writing
bad poetry
about each other.

choking on memories

how your name
can command me
to choke on memories
of sundays
in bleachers
and long conversation
where i end up
remembering nothing.

i am gone
like a 17 year old
on crazy short skirt
buying attention
by showing skin
amazing boys
my book learnt

your name
and i am lost
here on my chair
writing verses.