Friday, April 25, 2008

random thoughts on getting old

i realized i'm getting old. my skin is starting to show freckles and sun spots. if i would judge from my mom's skin and the laws of genetic, i am on my way to becoming a dalmatian.

my skin is getting dry. i could write statements on my forearm with white mark scratches. the problem is i am not comfortable (i actually feel icky) with lotion.

everybody is getting obsessed with getting old. celebrities from tv are shooting up poison on their forehead to hide wrinkles.

i saw my ex super dooper crush (the only guy i really had a crush that was not based in celebral capability but by the simple fact that he is cute. aga muhlach in bagets cute). he is getting old as well. in a michael j. fox sort of way. the crinks are showing around the eyes and it is sad since he used to have really cute eyes.

pixie dust junkie

i've run out of supplies.
damn peter that horder.
thinking he is the only
one who deserves to fly.

there is scarcity
in neverland
the grown-ups are taking over
run for cover.

asswipe boy
you lost your marbles again.
rushing after fairies
and winding up in ships

the pirates are awaiting
to steal your precious dreams.
can't i just go back to bed now
and wake up
from this sleep.