Thursday, June 21, 2007

just slow

in a chance encounter
saw a boy i was after
quite a long time ago
really ages ago.

in a glance i have find
the one i wanted to be mine
ever after
i wished for ever after.

but now i realized
his dazzling smile
that captivated me
were really a little crooked.

and that his elbows
were actually a little jointed.

and his gait
which made me think
he was calculated
was really
just slow.

still faced madonna

still faced madonna
your mother,
the ideal
in your surreal
i cannot compare.

Girl in a long blue dress

girl in a long blue dress
riding on the train
standing gloriously in cotton
laughing insane.

mismatched are her coordinates
and her awfully worn shoe
but will someone care to tell her
she doesn't look good in blue.