Thursday, May 3, 2007

mary, mary quite contrary

is that bloody tequila in your hands?
what about your fucking lamb
and the fleas in its fleece
whiz geez
curse the rhum
and the music of the drums
and the queer guys with their eyes
on the guy you have eyes for.

mary, mary quite contrary
you want to whore around
but eventually marry
and have 1.5 kids
and your white picket fence
with daffodil trimmings,
a small red mailbox
and a guy to foot the bill
and will
give you backrubs.

politico speaks

politico speaks
long speeches
with practiced easy grin
picking on the oppositions
but not saying anything
at all.

people get starstrucked
because our politicians
are now celebrities
with tv ads and pr men
and camera ready smile
courtesy of extra whitening.

they pose for pics
with the people
who they will soon be screwing
then we shake their hands.